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This series of articles aims to present ideas that have a direct impact on working in an intercultural, connected world. It, therefore, bridges the gap between academic insights and their possible applications in the business sphere.


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Intercambio de herramientas para la formación intercultural

Valencia, 21-22/09/2019

En esta 4ª edición del Intercambio de herramientas para la formación intercultural, invitamos a todas las personas que quieran compartir herramientas que utilizan en sus formaciones interculturales, a conocer nuevas herramientas y a fomentar el networking. 

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Young SIETAR TOIT+ Discovering the Unknown

Training of Intercultural Trainers and more...                                          Sept. 25-26, Kyiv and Kharkiv, Ukraine

TOIT stands for “Training of Intercultural Trainers” and allows the participants to learn, develop and improve their skills how to design, develop and deliver intercultural trainings. The TOIT is conducted by experienced intercultural training professionals from all over the world and creates an international for newcomers and professionals.
This year, additionally to the TOIT you will get the chance to experience Ukrainian culture through a cultural immersion in Kyiv.

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