Join us for the very First SIETAR Spain Congress

in Malaga, Spain





September 28-29, 2018

The 1st SIETAR Spain Congress will be an intersectoral conference, where professionals from different realms of society (business, academic, public administrations, NGOs…) will discuss the topic of inclusion. This Congress aims to become a platform to exchange innovative ideas and to debate different aspects of interculturality. We will also have a close look at how this interculturality permeates different fields, such as education, research and civil and business organizations. After this Congress, one thing will become clear: the intercultural competence will stand out as one of the most decisive tools when ensuring inclusive organizations and societies in our modern world.

Inclusion is everyone's responsibility!


The 1st SIETAR Spain Congress 2018 will be attended by prestigious consultants, educators, academics, scientists and specialists in human resources, as well as professionals from the field of intercultural training.

During the Congress you will be able to choose among:

  • 12 workshops;

  • 22 presentations;

  • 4 panel discussions;

  • and more than 40 experts and professionals from more than 12 countries.

Networking opportunities will be unlimited!


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The venue of our congress will be Centre of Contemporary Culture in Malaga, La Térmica. Malaga has been chosen as the location for the congress due to its colourful and diverse ethnicity. Blessed with sunshine, loaded with history, filled with a thriving multicultural atmosphere and brimming with a youthful vigour that proudly acknowledges its multilayered past and a history spanning about 2,800 years, today's Malaga is also a vibrant, modern and cosmopolitan city, and the centre of an important communications hub, so getting here is easy, whatever means of transport you want to use.


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We are looking forward to meeting you at the 1st SIETAR Spain Congress

in Malaga, September 28-29, 2018!


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