Join us for the very First SIETAR Spain Congress

in Malaga, Spain





September 28-30, 2018

This congress aims to explore intercultural competence as a source of innovation so to help make a multidisciplinary approach to diversity management an essential mechanism for achieving organizational goals in today's globalized world.


For this purpose, we welcome the participation of a broad spectrum of professionals: educators, trainers, academics, scientists, teachers, managers and any other professionals or experts who are interested in the diversity of today’s society. SIETAR Spain proposes the following starting point: well managed diversity is essential for achieving organizational goals in the era of globalization. Diversity and inclusion promote learning and growth for individuals and groups. 


Sessions will be organized in three main areas:


  • Intercultural Competence for Inclusive Society
  • Intercultural Organizations: Training, Consulting and Best Practices
  • Intercultural Competence for a High-Tech World


We invite you to submit presentations of your research results and work-related experience, insights and examples of best practices by March 15th via online form. We are also open to inspiration and success stories directly related to the congress topics. We welcome all proposals related to the general theme of the congress, however, preference will be given to contributions directly related to the specific topics listed in the Call for Proposals. 

Download Call for Proposals in English
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Descargar la Convocatoria en Español
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Malaga has been chosen as the location for the congress due to its colourful and diverse ethnicity. Blessed with sunshine, loaded with history, filled with a thriving multicultural atmosphere and brimming with a youthful vigour that proudly acknowledges its multilayered past and a history spanning about 2,800 years, today's Malaga is also a vibrant, modern and cosmopolitan city, and the centre of an important communications hub, so getting here is easy, whatever means of transport you want to use.


Plan your trip and find interesting information about Malaga at the following link:



We are looking forward to meeting you at the 1st SIETAR Spain Congress

in Malaga, September 28-30, 2018!