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Te proponemos un sábado formativo. Si acabas de iniciar tu carrera en formación / educación intercultural o necesitas repasar los conceptos claves de la comunicación intercultural apúntate a los talleres en castellano con Peter Witchalls y Shiva Roofeh. Si tienes experiencia en formación y consultoría y buscas nuevos modelos te recomendamos un taller con Ivonne van der Pol en inglés.


Por la noche disfrutaremos de un fiesta en la playa de Patacona y el domingo nos reuniremos para decidir sobre el futuro de SIETAR España y diseñar nuevas iniciativas de una manera colaborativa apoyandonos en la metodología de Open Space Technology.   


El sábado por la noche fiesta en la playa, el domingo la asamblea general y la no-conferencia Open Space.  


Conectaremos, compartiremos y nos inspiramos mutuamente. ¡Ven a Valencia y celebra con nosotro/as!


Sábado, 29 de junio de 10 a 18 


10:00 - 18:00 Workshop in English ‘Designing intercultural learning processes’ with Yvonne van der Pol 


Beach Party en la Playa de Patacona


Domingo, 30 de junio 


10:30 - 12:00 Asamblea General de SIETAR España (elecciones) 


12:00 - 14:00 Open Space "Desde la diversidad hacia la innovación"

Workshop in English

Designing intercultural learning processes


The workshop is meant for experienced intercultural trainers who either work internationally or in domestic diversity. In order to deliver deep learning experiences to our target groups, it’s key to continuously reflect on bodies of intercultural knowledge and on sharing intercultural learning experiences. 


The starting point of this workshop is our own cultural logic, the set of assumptions that we unwittingly take with us throughout our lives, and the manner in which they influence our interaction with people from a different cultural background. We will use a four-level model of cultural learning, the Developmental Model of Linguaculture Learning (DMLL) developed by Joseph Shaules, as a basis to go beyond do’s and don’ts. 

Since facilitating intercultural learning processes can be complex and intense, we will discuss various ways to support our trainees in effective ways. One of the other models that we use is the Intercultural Readiness Check model. Additionally, Yvonne will share insights from her book ‘Reflections on intercultural craftsmanship’. The workshop will be tailored to the group. You will receive some profound input in a combination of theory and practice. 


Yvonne van der Pol is an experienced trainer, coach and consultant specialized in intercultural competence development. Her intercultural experience is both based on living and studying abroad and working with organizations in and travelling through many European, (Latin) American and African countries. During her group training courses and blended learning, she uses various creative and inspiring methodologies to reach that goal. The training courses are always based on scientifically proven knowledge and tailored for the training audience, specific needs and goals. 

As a member of SIETAR Nederland (Society for Intercultural Training and Research) she works with their Code of Conduct. She is licensed in the Intercultural Readiness Check© and an associate at Intercultural Business Improvement (IBI). In 2017 she published her book ‘Reflections on intercultural craftsmanship’. 

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